Letnie szkoły w Norwegii

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 27.01.2010 // Jeśli władasz dobrze językiem norweskim lub angielskim i chcesz spędzić lato w Norwegii, korzystając z ciekawej oferty dla studentów i zbierając punkty ECTS, zapoznaj się z letnią ofertą uniwersytetów i innych szkół wyższych w Norwegii.

-International Summer School in Oslo - University of Oslo (7 weeks end of June - beginning of August).

International Summer School in Oslo offers a variety of courses at undergraduate and graduate level, focusing on various aspects of Norwegian culture and society, as well as international issues.  Participants attend daily classes, take examinations and/or write papers, and receive a University of Oslo transcript. Credits will be certified, but accreditation can only be determined by the students’ home institution.

The school also offers Norwegian classes. Scholarships are not available at the beginners' level.


-HiOA International Summer School - Summer School at Oslo University College  
(end of June – mid July)

The International Summer School at Oslo University College - HiOA International Summer School

Professionally oriented courses of high quality in the heart of Oslo,  surrounded by sea and forest. In addition to classes, students also take part in an extensive program of social and cultural activities.


-Bergen Summer Research School, University of Bergen (end of June – beginning of July).

-Norwegian School of Management International Summer Programme
(usually end of June – mid July).


-Intensive Norwegian Summer Courses for Exchange Students
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (3 or 4 weeks)

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim offers intensive courses in Norwegian language especially designed for exchange students. This programme is supported by the Erasmus Intensive Language Courses programme (EILC) of the European Commission.


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